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Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, bone and joint surgeon Cheng Liming said that many in the beauty of the female summer air christian louboutin discount outlet conditioning room to wear short skirts, shorts, is caused by the onset of joint disease etiology.

Conditioned air is circulating air, the heat under the cold, but the knee itself backward blood flow christian louboutin online outlet store velocity, but also by ground cold stimulation, knee blood vessels, blood circulation becomes worse, local tissue oxygen and various nutrients will be required reduce, but are in local accumulation of metabolites, prone to edema and inflammation, causing synovitis, seriously, there will be significant joint pain, effusion, affect joint function.

Dr Ching said the young patients mostly sedentary work, plus shorts and skirts, christian louboutin outlet online store weekend rarely exercise. If you do not exercise for a long time, cartilage can not be normal metabolism, over time, knee and ankle joints are susceptible to damage, which appeared arthritis.

Go to work wearing high heels Mimi da, from work to wait for them to go a long way to cut off the heel section. British "Daily Mail" female correspondent christian louboutin outlet sales Catherine Ostler column has deep feelings, so when found to be changing his shoes with heels, can not wait to experience a bit.

This shoe launched by Canadian designer Tanya Heath, a pair of shoes with a variety of heel, different heights, different colors, different styles to suit all occasions and needs. Ostler selected a pair of black pointed boat shoes, with three heel, namely, high 9 cm of golden stilettos, red christian louboutin outlet store with fine 6 cm and 3.8 cm in low, thick with black. The heel of the shoe body to push forward the rear, hear "click" sound, it means that the heel of the shoe body has been locked in place. If you want to remove the heel, just click snaps inside the shoe, very convenient.

Ostler found that different heel makes the shoe an entirely different style, to meet her heels three attended the event, christian louboutin outlet store online wearing a demand for work and shopping. Her home two men also like the shoes, the shoes feel like son, like Lego, really fun; Mr. believes that this is equal to several pairs of shoes, of course, praise ah.

Who already have a pair of small legs would go stepping on a pair of high heels, christian louboutin outlet usa we in addition to a variety of envy jealous, and usually such people are not willing to do "good friend." But the label on quilt Taylor Swift, who wants to have a piece of this sweet little face, can sing, popular tall princess super good friends. At the same time everyday with mold mildew also super simple, from dresses to T-shirts, suits, she wore every single product can be found in the same paragraph in your closet. Therefore, even if jealousy, please take a look at how christian louboutin shoes outlet online tall girl piercing her sweet feeling. As Shorty girl, please carefully study how to choose a pair of high heels turned right Delicate Darling children.

Pink lace dress with orange high-heeled sandals, so I chose to lace elements christian louboutin shoes outlet sale with a flower hair band. Bunt shirt with A-type skirt, high-heeled sandals with pink flesh and a sweet pink bag style points. High-waisted shorts with a striped T-shirt simple and clean, choose a pair of black high-heeled sandals are the most suitable.

Michael Kors skirt with lace flowers short shirt, with good girlfriends GigiHadid and Martha Hunt went to a restaurant, this is definitely not christian louboutin outlet grab the limelight girlfriends, and told everyone, "I'm Sweetheart Princess" the best choice.

Slim jeans with a black vest jacket bunt, if it would seem Tuicu, then with a pair of black high-heeled boots. Show off the whole body white with good color, for which she chose light-colored high heels and bare SJP color Michael Kors handbag in the foot. If the airport fashionable dress also can learn mold cheap christian louboutin outlet mildew, a black dress with a Louis Vuitton handbag, elegant and simple.

Lake Blue Plaid waist shorts with high heels and gray sleeveless shirt, mold mildew tell you, if the entire body is a dark line, be sure to choose shoes that light-colored fishes. Even wearing a suit appeared, gray X-green color combination is absolutely perfect, her Prada heels with a pair of light-colored Elie Saab with the same color cheap christian louboutin shoes outlet handbag.

If you select a pink dress out to the streets, it is best to choose the same sense of pink peach color low-heeled shoes and a yellow bag. Bunt black and white striped shirt with a white pleated skirt, plus a love handbag, black open-toed heels, attentive mold mildew even lip color chosen is christian louboutin outlet online red and love with the oh.

Black irregular cross-skirt loose T-shirt with the same color, then you can not want to be too casual with a dome of black hat. Mold mildew occasionally christian louboutin outlet sale walk grim line, with the whole body black leather jacket with black high-heeled boots, this match fit any body type girls learning oh.

Black lace blouse make mold mildew shoulder line is especially beautiful, and that the christian louboutin sale outlet use of big legs Check with vertical stripes, but also to manage. Vertical striped shirt and with money pencil skirt, high heels with the same color purple lip color elegance full. Miss Patina Everlane buttoned shirt with shorts, knee socks also go preppy mold mildew essential. Compared with the general color heels with metallic tinge of Christian Louboutin high heels with jacquard louboutin outlet dress, shiny!

Flower elements also mold mildew heart love, which make the perfect curve body suit and also very elegant. outlet christian louboutin Guess slightly Strapless black suit, feminine flounced hem, nude color with black handbag to break the whole body feel boring. Jonathan Simkhai black and white patterned dress, if that is too hard can choose lace cross heels, Dachu weak sense. 70s retro color pattern shirt with khaki skirt, for Dachu retro feel, brown high-heeled shoes is definitely a good single product.

Set of gray striped suit, you can learn mold mildew with bright pink and yellow color combination of style points. It is a sweet look, prints mint green dress with pink open-toed sandals. Theory T-shirt with white denim shorts, nude color heels more slovenly. Chest wrapped dress with black high-heeled open-toed sandals, capable femininity while also out of it. Dark green suit with black and white dots Kate Spade handbag, retro low heel open-toe sandals and a pair of light-colored comfort plus.