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Since the advent of high-heeled shoes this stuff so many girls side fought "lost" at its feet, in the United States while enjoying the ultimate sense of high-heeled had to endure the discomfort, so a sister congregation colleagues but pain and pleasure and let them go! discount christian louboutin But you know what? With a "golden height" said the 10 cm height heels, the actual increase was only 6 cm.

As a beauty sister, Xiao Bian believe you beautiful shoe heels absolutely shoes in the closet, but you know it's the best pair of high heels height is? If you have carefully observed, then, will certainly find either legendary footwear brand Jimmy Choo, also, or Lafayette own brand, the vast majority of the shoes, whether it is fine with, thick heel, fish head, christian louboutin discount bandage style, with its high in 10 centimeters!

This is a pair from Christian Louboutin - summer new pink high heels (Cristi Louboutin), and do not look at the price, but it really is beautiful to see the style stayed. But in fact, it is 12 cm high heels is already higher than the tolerance limit of the height of the female body, discount christian louboutin shoes not only comfort, aesthetics has lost 10 cm with high heels!

Shoulder with high heels lengthen the leg line, so that the proportion of the female body look more graceful tall task, it was specifically studied, height 10 cm is the most christian louboutin discount shoes able to show the beauty of the female body to the extreme height!

Are interested can go shopping in major famous stores, absolute eyeful 10 cm high heels! But one thing small series that we still need to know, although the height of 10 cm height is great, but it is also the percentage hundreds comfortable with not half dime, okay? 10 cm here discount christian louboutinsthat a great comfort, referring to the human limits of the sexiest affordable range height only, do not understand the wrong ah!

This pair of nude-colored suede heels from the legendary footwear brand JIMMY CHOO, it's first designer Jimmy Choo said, "four christian louboutin shoes discount inches (about 10.16 cm) is a health problem, too high will make people feel uncomfortable, it will break the body balance. " The shoe master that "four inches of height in order to present a woman's most beautiful body," shows that 10 cm high heels Feng Shui Ling, 10 centimeters or less are we classified as "tolerable comfort zone."

Here I believe we have to understand the importance of red bottom shoes discount the 10 cm high heels, but do not think you can put 10 centimeters high heels really increased a 10 cm! Xiao Bian worked in a shoe department now hear that this beautiful young lady shopping guide Description: "! pro we have this high-heeled shoes with 10 cm high, 160 cm tall and you put on there 170 of it" simply wrong!

Take a pair of suede heels of JIMMY CHOO, although with a 6.5 cm high, but the actual wear is increased only a 4-5 cm, because the shoes bottom surface is sloping, and soles of the feet will face will be a certain angle, center of gravity is the position we are walking in the arch, the count from that position, then there is probably about 4 cm christian louboutin discount outlet from the ground!

So grateful girl understand it, it is not how high the shoes, and that they become a tall. Revisit the ground gas that if you wear the Qing Dynasty that it is pure saucers children increased, the heel is elevated a few centimeters to a few centimeters, platform shoes is the discount red bottom shoes same reason!

So now, this pair of Lafayette produced 3 cm low-heeled shoes, you know it's the actual height of the bar, also 1-2 cm or so, really is nothing to wear and do not wear all the difference! Neither too elegant high heels no flat shoes comfortable, crime is also affected by the feet of the subject, the woman did not red bottom shoes discount wear out the taste!

Finally, Xiao Bian want to say is, if you really need to increase 10 cm, can choose the style with the water table, which is similar to double from Christian Louboutin's SKY HIGH, 5 cm heel waterproof so that even up to 16 cm, wear also 10 cm high heels as general "comfortable"!